About BF Marine Engineering

BF Marine Engineering is a Panamanian company providing rehabilitation services to aging or poorly constructed marine infrastructure.

BF Marine Engineering provides full rehabilitation and remedial works to owners of concrete and cement infrastructure allowing for many more year’s use. Through the use of our partners proprietary products BF Marine Engineering is able to rehabilitate failing infrastructure that otherwise may need to be replaced with a whole new construction costing far more than carrying out remedial works to extend life, providing huge savings in costs to our clients and providing the secure knowledge that the structural remediations are of a higher quality than original.

BF Marine Engineering uses an exclusive purchasing and distribution agreement with partners in Europe to carry out cost effective rehabilitation contracts or product sales all over Central America.

BF Marine Engineering partners with companies in Central America who have high volume structures that need to reduce the amount of down-time due to repairs and to maintain high levels of traffic.

We provide:

  • Marine Repair
  • Marine Construction
  • Marine Maintenance
  • Adhesives and binders
  • Primers and coating
  • Underwater compounds
  • Cements and mortars
  • Carbon fibre sheets
  • Joint sealing compounds